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Wisconson Minnesota 

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Based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota, Wisconsin Minnesota Real Estate was founded in 2020.  The goal being to provide unique midwestern real estate at affordable prices.

We are your source for off-market real estate.  We are focused on unique land sales for vacant land, camping, RV's, cabins, hunting, fishing and more. However, we also offer residential and commercial real estate. 

We like to consider ourselves pros when it comes to understanding zoning ordinances in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  This is often an overlooked part of land ownership, however, it is the most important part!  By buying with us you can feel confident in understanding what you will be buying.

We are constantly finding off-market real estate at discounted prices to help you grow your real estate portfolio!

Meet The Founder

Hunter is from Woodbury, Minnesota and was born and raised in the Twin Cities.  Hunter is especially fond of the great midwestern states, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Hunter graduated from North Dakota State University with a double major in finance and marketing with a minor in banking. Hunter is a licensed realtor in Minnesota and Nevada.  He also has proficient job experience in sales, marketing, and operations.

In his free time you can find him enjoying outdoor activities the midwest has to offer such as boating, hiking and fishing.  He especially enjoys the business of real estate and helping people find the right properties for their needs at a fair price.


What is the purchase process?

For more information on the purchase process, click here!

What is the buy now payment?

For more information on the buy now payment, click here!

What do you specialize in?

Vacant land and zoning.  This is actually the most important part of buying land, and people rarely think of it! 

This means we are able to find you land that can be used for building homes and cabins, camping, parking RVs, fishing, hunting, boating, and much more!

Although we do research zoning on the properties we sell, we may not always be 100% correct, which is why we highly recommend consulting with the local officials or attorney specialized in zoning or real estate.

How do I know if this is a safe way to purchase property?

We've sold to multiple happy customers.  Also to make you more comfortable, we can use a reputable title company of your choosing. 

Can you keep me help me look for a specific kind of property?

Feedback on what you're looking for is always welcome.  However Wisconsin Minnesota Real Estate is not a brokerage, if you are looking to represented as a buyer, we can refer you to an agent well versed in the type of property you are looking for.

Are their any hidden fees when buying land from you?

Nope!  The prices we charge are listed on our site with no hidden fees from us.  

The only other costs charged to close come from the government including the state deed tax at .0033 of the purchase price and a recording fee, usually around $46.

For example a property purchased for $15,000 would have a state deed tax of $49.50.

Additionally, there are credit card processing fees for financing, but there are many alternatives for making payments with no processing fees!

The only additional costs you may incur is if you request a special type of closing, specific title company or real estate attorney.  

How do I buy a property?

To make a purchase, hit the buy now button on the property you wish to purchase.  You can also submit a contact form, text or call and leave a message with your name, property you are interested in buying, and the type of payment you will be providing.  We will be in contact with you asap to close.

Is financing available?

Yes!  All properties are available for contract for deeds or seller financing.  The terms will be different for each piece of land so it is best to check out the description of the property or else contact us for more info.  They are also able to be modified to fit your situation such as a higher/lower down payment, monthly payment or time length.

How do I get the final deed?

Once all payments are made on a property we will prepare a deed to be recorded.  We will record it for you unless otherwise requested.  This means there is no extra cost for you at closing unless you request to use a title company, real estate attorney or a unique situation occurs.

What is a contract for deed?

A contract for deed is also called owner financing or a land contract.  This is where the seller (us) provides the financing for a property instead of a different lender.  Learn more here.

What are the payment options for financing?

The following are the current options which  we accept payments for financing, however if another option works better for you, we will try to accomodate.

Payment Options:

1. Check, cashiers check, money order.

2. Zelle: Recommended: Great for setting up recurring payments with no fees.  

3. Cash App: Easy to use with no fees.

4. Apple Cash: Easy to use with an iPhone, connected to your phone number.

5. Credit Card: Quick and easy but with a 5% fee.

Do you offer buyers Agent Commission?

Usually the answer is yes, please contact us to confirm depending on the property..