Purchase Process

How it works?

1. Select a Property

After looking through all of the properties we have available, decide which one you'd like. Click on the "buy now" button and complete the $49.95 processing fee (not an extra cost, will apply to total purchase price). More info here.

2. Fill Out Information

You will recieve an email asking for personal information, confirmation of property you'd like to buy, if you would like to finance or pay cash, and other information. Reply back ASAP with this info!

3. Sign Purchase Agreement

A purchase agreement or contract for deed will be sent to you. Review and sign and return documents.

4. Pay

Make your first payments! An email will be sent to you with payment instructions. Depending on the property and if you are paying cash or financing, this will be either a down payment or the first month's payment.

5. Enjoy!

Once you recieve the signed agreement back, you are welcome to enjoy the property! If, financing all monthly payments will be due on the first.

6. Closing

Once all payments have been completed we will close on the property and the deed will be delivered to you!